Fear the Turtle Visual Identity

Think "Fear the Turtle" is just the University of Maryland's rallying cry? Think again. It's also the backbone of the university's marketing campaign, which is all about pumping out big messages in lively and creative ways. (In fact, this entire section will be written in this style, to show its application.)

The campaign's visual identity has two primary elements: a shell and a word mark. Their design matches the tone of the campaign and of Terps themselves. That means bold, direct, smart and fun.

The Fear the Turtle (FTT) style compliments the university's visual identity—the classic globe and logo—in marketing communications materials.

Individual units' and the university's messages are more powerful when we all speak with one voice and share the same look.


Word Mark and Symbols
The shell isn't a logo at all. It's a graphic symbol used in the university's overall marketing and advertising campaigns. It doesn't replace the globe and University of Maryland word mark; in fact, they need to be used together.

Primary Marks

The FEAR THE TURTLE word mark is set in Interstate Bold. It can function as a tagline for the university, but never replaces the university logo. In other words, it can appear alone, paired with the shell or paired with the university logo.

When the words FEAR THE TURTLE are used in a headline, there's no need to repeat it with the word mark.

The word mark works well small as a tagline added to the bottom of a design.

Using a PDF or EPS file, the word mark can be scaled to any size. JPG or PNG files cannot be scaled. When used alone, the horizontal word mark should not be scaled down past 1/8 inch in height, and the vertical word mark should not be scaled down past 1/4 inch in height.

Horizontal Format

M Marks

Vertical Format

Primary Word Marks

The symbol of the shell is the crown jewel of the Fear the Turtle identity. Be nice to the shell. Don't stretch it or distort it or shrink it to the size of a smudge.

Keep the height and width proportions intact, and use no smaller than 1/2–inch high to ensure the lines between the scales are clear. For the Web, do not scale down past 50 pixels in height.

It can be used alone or with the FTT word mark. The shell makes for great artwork when used by itself.

Use the combined logo when it is featured artwork (on a T-shirt, poster or other promotional item) or used as a tagline.

If you’re using a PDF or EPS file, the shell and FTT can be scaled to any size. The horizontal shell and FTT should not be scaled down past 1/2 inch in height, and the vertical shell and FTT should not be scaled down past 1 inch in height. For the Web, do not scale down past 65 pixels in height.

Choose the format of logo that best fits the space in which you’re using it. When the space is longer than it is tall, use the horizontal format; when the space is taller than it is wide, use the vertical format.

Maintain at least 1/2 inch of white space between the shell and FTT and the edges of the space in which it exists.

Combining the Shell and FTT Word Mark
Use the combined mark when it is featured artwork (on a T-shirt, poster or other promotiona item) or used as a tagline.
Secondary Marks

Combining FTT and University Styles
FTT? Meet university style. University style? Meet FTT. See, they can be friends.

The university's word mark has been adapted to fit the design of Fear the Turtle and should be used for all FTT-driven materials. (For all other university materials not focused on FTT, use the standard word mark as shown in the Visual Identity Guide.)

You can pair the FTT word mark and the full university logo or the FTT word mark and informal globe. Just keep the globe and shell away from each other. They have a budding rivalry.

Combining FTT and College/School Word Marks
Use only the horizontal FTT word mark (no shell) centered under the logo of your college or school. Scale the word mark to match the width of the largest line of the title.

Incorrect Usage
Don't redraw, reproportion, embellish or modify the shell. Ever.


The FTT shell icon and the Fear the Turtle word mark come in red, black and white (when used against a red or black background or over an image).

Be bold. Don’t use tints or screens of these colors.*


FTT style uses two versions of one font: Interstate. Use Interstate Regular for smaller copy. Use Interstate Bold in headlines, subheads and the word mark.

Headlines and subheads should be set in all caps at large sizes: at least 24 points. To avoid capitalization overload (and the suggestion you're yelling until you're hoarse), we recommend upper- and lowercase letters for longer copy.

The exception is the FEAR THE TURTLE word mark. It just looks awesome in caps. Always set it in Interstate Bold. Interstate is available for purchase at www.MyFonts.com/fonts/fontbureau/interstate.

Use the following type sizes for headlines, subheads, titles, body copy, etc:
[a] HEAD 36pt / 36pt leading
[b] SUBHEAD 12pt / 15pt leading
[c] BODY COPY 9pt / 12pt leading
[d] WEBSITE 8pt / 10pt leading


FTT photography conveys boldness and confidence, even fearlessness—important qualities in Terps. The university uses striking black-and-white portraits of Terps, whether students, faculty or alumni. They might be striking a pose, holding a prop or wearing a costume. The image should reflect that Terp's unique experience. Color