Filming on Campus

Requests to Film

All requests to film on campus must be approved by the University Communications office. Requests must be sent to University Communications accompanied by a completed filming application a no later than 10 business days prior to the day of filming.

Approval Criteria

Requests will be approved by University Communications based largely on whether the filming has primarily commercial, artistic, educational, philanthropic or public information objectives. Filming that is demonstrably for these purposes will be approved in the event that it will not interfere with normal university business. However, University Communications reserves the right to deny permission to film on campus.

Agreement Process

Once approval has been granted to film, the specifics of the request will be coordinated and incorporated into a formal Film Agreement to be signed by a representative of the university and representative of the filming company. No filming can proceed until both parties sign the agreement.

Fees and Insurance

A location filming fee of $1,000 per day is required for non-news and commercial filming that does not include a member of the university's faculty or staff, and is due prior to the first day of filming. Based on the needs of the project, other service fees may apply, including Security Aide Escorts (required for all filming not involving UMD faculty or staff), room rental or parking permits. A Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 (with a 30-day cancellation notice, which names the University of Maryland as an additional insured) is required in advance for all filming.

Athletics Facilities

All requests to film at a UMD athletics facility must be coordinated through University Athletics. Contact Josh Kaplan at 301.314.9729 or

Submit filming applications to:
Office of University Communications
Attention: Alana Carchedi
Phone: 301.405.0235