Photography Library

The University of Maryland Photo Collection highlights students, campus life, research, events and people from across the university.

The Office of University Creative maintains this high-quality digital archive and has approximately a half-million images on file dating back to 2006. Older slides, negatives and prints numbering about 300,000 are also available upon request.

Members of the university community can browse and download high-resolution files from various categories for use in official and affiliated University of Maryland publications and websites. All other use is subject to permission, usage fees and copyright restrictions as required by the University of Maryland, and the images may not be sold or licensed for sale or publications.

Photos must be credited to: John T. Consoli/University of Maryland, unless otherwise noted in the caption information.

The collections website replaces the university's Flickr site for editorial use. It also allows the Office of University Creative to track how many times a photo has been downloaded to avoid oversaturation of any particular image.

Contact Gail Rupert, photo archivist, with any questions at or 301.405.2461.