Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from trademark licensing royalties?
Royalties and fees paid by commercial users are shared between the University and the Athletic Department for research, internships, scholarships, equipment, and special projects. In the case of the mark "Fear The Turtle", approximately 20% of the royalties are dedicated to efforts to preserve the diamondback terrapin and its habitat.

How are the royalties generated?
Manufacturers pay a royalty, which is a percentage of the wholesale price of the product. In some cases where a mark is used, but an actual retail product is not manufactured, such as in signage, a promotion, or a film, a use fee may be charged.

Are there instances where royalties won't be charged?
Yes. Products purchased by registered student groups and University departments that will be given away or sold only to group members at no profit will not be charged royalty fees.

Who must be licensed?
Any manufacturer of products for resale or for promotion of a commercial venture bearing or using University of Maryland trademarks must be licensed. A list of current licensees is available on the Licensed Vendors page.

What products must be licensed?
All products that bear a University of Maryland trademark must be licensed or approved. These products include, but are not limited to, apparel, automotive products, crafts, electronics, games, food and drinks, furniture, holiday ornaments, housewares , jewelry, school supplies, and sports equipment. The University will not approve or license products connected with alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, illegal drugs, tobacco, gambling, sexually suggestive products or language, or any health related product.

How do consumers know that a product they are purchasing is a licensed product?
All officially licensed products will have a label - hologram sticker, hang tag, or indicia statement - identifying it as an Officially Licensed Collegiate Product (OLCP) by The Collegiate Licensing Company. This indicates that it is a quality product manufactured under the Labor Code Standards of the Fair Labor Association.

I have a great idea for a new product I think will sell. What do I need to do to get it to market?
First, you must do your homework to make sure it is new and unique, and then you try to protect it. Get legal advise on the kind of protection you might need - copywrite, trademark, or patent. Next you will have to find a licensed manufacturer to produce and market the product for you, or, if you decide to market it yourself, you will have to contact The Collegiate Licensing Company to initiate the license application process.

Is it possible for me to sell my product direct on campus - to tailgate parties, fans in the parking lots or near the entrances to Bryd Stadium or Comcast Center Arena, for instance?
No, all novelty and food and beverage sales, anywhere on University property, are permitted only by concessionaires or licensed vendors. Limited vendor permits are available to registered student organizations through Stamp Student Union.

For further information about using University Marks, contact the
Director of Licensing at 301-314-1203.