website presentation

Website Presentation

The UMD website header has been redeveloped to be streamlined, flexible and accessible, while providing consistent branding across all UMD web properties.


  • Provide brand consistency on all UMD websites;
  • Comply with accessibility policy;
  • Enable campus alerts, such as weather delays and closures, to be displayed—if triggered on the main UMD homepage;
  • Provide flexibility in adding or removing features;
  • Provide flexibility in linking to distinct fundraising opportunities on the UMD giving site;
  • Link to the UMD homepage;
  • Offer a slim, modern look that compliments the UMD homepage’s design.

All official University of Maryland websites—not student sites—should be identified with the new web header. The previous web headers will be disabled on Jan. 24, 2018. Any new UMD website being redesigned or newly developed will incorporate it.

Get UMD Header Code


  • Main UMD news feed, providing dynamic content
  • Main UMD calendar feed, providing dynamic content
  • Quick links to colleges and schools
  • Quick links to undergraduate and graduate admissions
  • Link to giving site
  • Search, which can be customized to a particular domain

The web header was developed to be responsive to the width of any browser; it does not require a separate version for mobile phones or tablet devices. Web header contents can span the full 100% width or can be set to a particular width, depending on site design. The header can also be “sticky” and stay at the top of the browser as the user scrolls.


  • Altering the design, color and code of the web header is prohibited, other than enabling or disabling options.
  • All web pages must have a clear link for giving, either activated in the UMD website header or prominently displayed in the main navigation bar.
  • The web header is the top element on every page; nothing should appear above it.
  • All UMD pages must include the individual unit’s standard logo, preferably above the scroll.
  • The UMD logo and search feature should be removed by any unit still using an older UMD web wrap.

Drupal sites:

  • Drupal 7.x module is available at here
  • Drupal 8.x module is available at here
  • Adds the UMD header to all non-admin pages;
  • Toggles news display through Drupal’s configuration;
  • Can be used alongside the Drupal “Toolbar” module;
  • Supports the Drupal “Update Manager” module.

Get UMD Header Code

Other Websites:

The UMD website header code generator for static sites can be accessed here. Follow these steps to:

  1. Configure options
  2. Generate code
  3. Copy code
  4. Paste code on your site, preferably at the bottom of main template or header code


For more information on website presentation, contact Joshua Harless, executive director of digital experience, at 301.405.3384 or