Maryland Brand

Light Pole Banner Guidelines

Updated November 2, 2023

Light pole banner installation on campus is managed by the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC). The following light pole banner guidelines aim to create a visually appealing campus experience, strengthen brand unification and uphold university brand standards. To best support these goals, light pole banner usage is limited.

Who can request light pole banners?

Any school, college or unit that wants to install light pole banners must request approval from the OMC, regardless of location for placement. Student groups are not permitted to place light pole banners on campus.

Why light pole banners?

Banners should achieve one of the following goals in a unit's marketing plan:

  • Signal arrival or brand a physical location;

  • Communicate a priority campus message;

  • Commemorate an anniversary, achievement or special initiative.

Banners must be displayed for a minimum of four weeks.

Where can light pole banners be installed?

Schools, colleges and units may request permission to install light pole banners, provided the banners will be 1) located in a contained footprint on campus, such as plazas and quads; and 2) located immediately adjacent to the building or facility represented by the requesting unit.

Banners on main campus roadways and parking lots are managed by OMC and are not available for requests (highlighted in red on the light pole banner map).


  1. Unit requester submits the request form at least eight weeks in advance of the desired install date.

  2. OMC reviews the request and follows up with a decision within two weeks.

  3. Requester connects directly with the university’s preferred vendor on pricing, timing, etc. following OMC approval for placement.

  4. Requester provides designs and a proposed placement pattern to OMC review

  5. OMC provides feedback/approval on designs within two weeks

  6. Pending final artwork approval by OMC, requester completes the installation process and payment with vendor,

Approval Criteria


Usage of the banners is appropriate and strategic


Physical placement is reasonable and feasible


The provided design and messaging guidelines are skillfully applied and adhere to best practices

  • Permitted banner locations are at the discretion of OMC.

  • Banners must be removed within one year. The end date is determined by the nature of the banner messaging.

  • Payment for light pole banner printing, installation, maintenance and removal is the responsibility of the requestor.

  • OMC encourages recycling after banners come down; contact for recycling options.

Preferred Campus Vendor

The University of Maryland has a campuswide contract for light pole banner printing, installation and maintenance.


Kris Zientara
1812 Margaret Ave
Annapolis, MD 21401

To execute your project with the vendor, you will need to:

  • Count the number of poles in your requested location.

  • Determine which pole(s) need hardware; take photos if necessary.

  • Create an installation map with a key that shows which designs should be installed on which poles.

  • Be on campus the day of installation to review the completed project and provide feedback to the vendor.

Messaging Guidelines

  • Have a universitywide appeal, with a focus on internal audiences (students, faculty, staff);

  • Be unique to the University of Maryland;

  • Include no commercial advertising; promotion or advertisement of any political candidate, parties or issues; or identification, advertisement or promotion of any one religion;

  • Refrain from hard calls to action (e.g. learn more, sign up, etc.), URLs or QR codes.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Adhere to campus brand guidelines.

  • Design around one focal point (or point of contrast).

  • Prioritize visuals over text (use one-third text, two-thirds visuals as a guide).

  • Text should be visible starting at a 10-foot distance. To test, print your design at business card size and hold at arm’s length.

  • Use a maximum of two fonts (including your logo font).

  • Do not use campus scenic photography for banner placements on campus grounds; vetted images of people are permitted.

  • Use the provided templates and design system for your artwork for ease of review and approval.

  • 24” width x 48” height

  • Be mindful of the “safety area” where banner pockets and grommets are sewn: 4” pole pockets are at the top and bottom of the banner

  • Artwork must be printed on both sides

  • Full bleed is not necessary

  • All fonts must be outlines

  • Images should be at least 150 dpi

  • Use Pantone 186 when printing banners with red backgrounds

  • Acceptable file types:
    • PDF (multipage is acceptable)


Templates & Design System

Use options from the approved design system to create your banner sequence. Download templates.

The Office of Marketing and Communications does not provide custom banner design services.

A selection of banner designs, including one that features a photo and school logo, and the colorful Fearlessly Forward pattern.

Other Campus Signage

Temporary signage such as feather flags and election signs are permitted on campus. Any units seeking signage that requires creating holes in the ground should notify Facilities Management, Grounds. Apart from the Stamp Student Union, hanging banners on the exterior facade of buildings is not permitted.