Maryland Brand


University Logo

Adobe Bembo

Adobe Bembo, a serif book type that combines traditional forms with contemporary styling, is the typeface of the University of Maryland logo mark.

Example of Bembo font: Characters A to Z in upper and lower case, and digits 0 to 9

Body Copy


Interstate is the primary typeface for University of Maryland marketing materials, conveys a modern, clean aesthetic. Interstate Bold is used for emphasis and headers, while Interstate Light is used for text. Interstate Regular, Condensed and Compressed should be used for quotes, facts and attributions within designed graphics.

Example of Interstate font: Characters A to Z in upper and lower case, and digits 0 to 9

Digital Fonts

Crimson Text

Crimson Text is a font family for book production in the tradition of beautiful old-style typefaces. It is a stand-in for Bembo for online and digital applications and best used for large headlines and body copy.

Alternate Options: Georgia Serif

Source Sans 3

Source Sans 3 is intended to work well in all user interfaces. The typeface is inspired by the forms of the American Type Founders' gothics modified with more humanist-influenced italic forms.

Alternate options: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Sans

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed has a mechanical skeleton, and the forms are largely geometric. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curves. It's best used in compact spaces, such as charts and graphics.